Chimney cleaning KIT for pellet stoves


Ideal for the internal cleaning of chimneys, improving efficiency and preventing possible accidents and fires.

Chimney cleaning KITS range: For pellet stoves

The KIT contains:

  • 1 circular nylon brush
  • 1 flexible cable of 3 meters
KIT080NY 3 meters flexible cable + Nylon circular brush 80mm diam.


STEP 1. Protect the front of the chimney with paper or plastics.

STEP 2. While using the brush and catcher, eliminate all the remains of ashes that remain in the home.

STEP 3. Check inside the fireplace and, with a lantern, try to inspect the tube.

STEP 4. Seal the front of the chimney with 2 plastics but leaving an opening in the center. Use protective glasses, mask and gloves.

STEP 5. Insert the brush little by little trying to scrape as much as possible, but carefully, so the conduit tubes stay connected. Unlock the handle to release the entire length of the pipe.

STEP 6. When you can feel less internal resistance, you will have removed from the tube the majority of the waste. Remove the brush and carefully, remove the plastics.

STEP 7. With the soot vacuum cleaner, pick up all the remains that have fallen. If you have it, check that the shot is free of waste and opens and closes freely. If not, vacuum it as well.

STEP 8. Clean the entering/opening and the base of the chimney and your chimney will be ready until the following year. To keep it in good condition, do chemical cleanings and maintenance with wood and anti-soot bags, during the season of use.


When cleaning the chimney, we advise you to use gloves, protective glasses and a mask. This way you can avoid all kind of accidents.