End Brush with Central Hole

Mod. BOL
Technical information
  • The brush BOL, has a central bore to introduce another tool inside, drills, reamers or even other brush models that can be used at the same time as a single tool.
  • The BOL brush can perform two operations at the same time, increasing productivity and reducing costs.
Order Example:
BOL 3012E
Model Diameter Trim Length (s) Arbor Hole Coated Steel Stainless Stee R.P.M.
mm "
mm "
mm "
0,20mm 0,30mm
0,20mm 0,30mm
.008" .012"
.008" .012"
30 1.3/16"
12 1/2"
10 5/8"
3012C 3012E
3012N 3012Z