Hardware Line with Protection Guard

Línea Bricolage con Guarda Protectora

These brushes are ideal for open surfaces. However, the flexibility and adaptability of the plastic material permits the access of the brush to difficult and more hidden areas. Direct contact with other materials will result in an ever wear of the shield.

It also provides for a more friendly handling of the brush, protecting end users against potential pricking caused by the wire.

When the brush is working the guard acts as a protection shield that prevents not only wire projection but also protects the user against dust and particles generated at work.

The guard is made of a transparent material that allows the user to see the working area.
Order Example:
BDEG 7530

  • Model: BDEG
  • Code: 7530
Model Type of wire Diameter
mm / "
Shank Coated Steel
0,30mm / .012"
Bulk Display Max.
BDEG Crimped
75 3"
6,35 mm
7530 9548 4.500
BTEG Crimped
75 3"
7530 9268 4.500