Rusty parts Cleaning

Most of our brushes can be used for cleaning rusty surfaces, so it is wise to choose the most appropriate brush type.

If you need a higher removal capacity, instead of higher pressure on the brush, we suggest the following:

*Use a more aggressive brush, a brush with a thicker wire, with less trim length or twist knot wire instead crimped wire.

*Increase the brushing speed with a model who can work faster or with a bigger diameter, in the case of the wheel brushes.

Crimped wire brushes, because of their higher flexibility, are appropriate to work on uneven surfaces and they obtain a more regular and fine finishing. Twist knot wire offers longer life and a higher removal capacity but a more rough finishing.

In order not to contaminate stainless steel surfaces, they are brush off with stainless steel wire brushes.
In those applications where fire is dangerous and so sparking is forbidden, the use of brass as anti-sparking wire is highly recommended.