Wide Face Wheel with Threaded Nut

Mod. CT With Threaded Nut
Cepillo Circular Ondulado con Casquillo Roscado
  • Removal of rust, paint, scale, edges, etc.
  • Cleaning of forged pieces.
  • Tyre recovery.
  • Surface processing in metal, rubber, plastic, wood, glass, etc.
Technical Information

They are designed for individual tasks with wide possibilities in dimensions, arbor holes and wires.

We are presenting a range of 5 row, 0,30 mm. steel wire brushes (diam 150, 175 and 200 mm.) that incorporate a threaded nut.
This simplifies the attachment of the brush to threaded spindle machines (i.e. portable machines).
Available in different wires and threads.Security handling system

CT brush models are presented with our exlusive new security handling system.

CT 1505E M14
CT 1705E M14
CT 2005E M14