Wire Brushes

Control Brush Crimped

Mod.CCO Light Removal Brushing

Control Brush Knotted

Mod. CCT Heavy Removal Brushing

Narrow Face Wheel 3 Rows

Mod. CU Face Width of 11 mm (7/16")

Narrow Face Wheel 4 Rows

Mod. CU Face Width of 13 mm (1/2")

Wheel Brush Cable Crimped

Mod. CCA High Performance

Jewelry Wheel Brush

Mod. G With Wooden Center

Industrial Wheel Brush

Mod. CDO With Hole

High Density Twist Knot Wheel

Mod. CAM 12 mm (1/2") Knot

Twisted Knot Wheel Standard

Mod. CAM Knot of 10 y 12 mm (3/8" y 1/2)

Twisted Knot Wheel Agressive

Mod. CAM Knot of 10 mm (3/8")

Cable Crimped Cup Brush

Mod. TCA High Performance Range

Industrial Cups with Protection Guard

Crimped / Knotted / Cable Wire

High Speed Line with Protection Guard

High Speed Line (11.000 R.P.M.) Crimped / Knotted / Cable Wire

Flared End Brush

Flared End Brush Mod.BEC

End Brushes of Plain Cut

Mod. BA / BB / BC / BF / BH

Angle Cut End Brush

Mod. BD / BI

Rigid Tubebrushes

Mod. L-1 / L-2 L1 with Simple Spiral, L2 with Double Spiral

Flexible Tubebrushes

Mod. L1F L1 with Simple Spiral

Universal Hand Brush

Mod.VIP Plastic Handle

European Type Hand Brush

Mod. MS Wooden Handle

Straight Back Hand Brush

Mod. MF Wooden Handle

DIY Brushes Wheels with Shank

Mod. BDER Shank of 6 mm (1/4mm)


Mod. BTE 1/4" Shank

Wheel DIY

Mod. BDOR Arbor hole of 13mm

Twist Knot DIY

Mod. CAE with Shank of 6 mm (1/4")

End Brush DIY

Mod. BCC with Shank of 6 mm


Mod. CNA 9430 Mod. CNA 9530

DIY Assortment Boxes

Mod. SURT 0890 Mod. SURT 0891

Basic Exhibitor

Mod. EXP 9640

Guard Exhibitor

Mod. EXP 4060

General Exhibitor

Mod. EXP 4250